Banjo Simmonds, also known as Talmigila, is a talented dance hall and reggae musician from Kingston, Jamaica, but based in Florida, USA.

Talmigila is a ‘confrontational’ singer revolutionizing reggae music by infusing it with his unique style and creativity centered on truth and reality.

He took to music from a very young age. He grew up listening to reggae legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, inspired by their music and message. His passion for music led him to start performing at local events and clubs when he was just a teenager.

Talmigila’s talent and dedication soon caught the attention of music producers in Jamaica, and he began working on his first album. His debut album was a success, and it put him on the map as a rising star in the reggae music scene.

Over the years, Talmigila continued to refine his style and develop his artistic knowledge of music. He collaborated with various producers from around the world, incorporating different sounds and cultural influences into his music. He became known for his unique blend of reggae, dancehall, and world music, an artistic phenomenon that resonated with fans worldwide.

Talmigila's breakthrough came with the release of his album "Rise" in 2021. The 21 tracks album showcased his mastery of arrangements and styles, and it featured captivating instrumental beats that merged with his blissful vocal performance to create a dream-like experience for listeners. The album celebrated the glory of life and freedom, and its themes and celebratory tones were immensely captivating and inspiring.

Some of the most thought provoking songs in the Rise album includes:

“Wake Up”: an upbeat song that encourages people to wake up and take action against injustice and oppression. It features catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics, with a strong message of empowerment.

“American Dream”: In this song, Talmigila criticizes the American dream and the idea that success is only achievable through material possessions. The song features a reggae beat and a powerful message about the dangers of consumerism and materialism.

“They Control” is a call to action song against corruption and the abuse of power by those in positions of authority. It features a slow, haunting melody and lyrics that speak to the frustration and anger that many people feel about the state of the world today.

“How Come” addresses the issue of inequality and the fact that some people are born into privilege while others are born into poverty. The song features a simple but effective melody and lyrics that speak to the heart of the matter.

“Jah Book” is a spiritual song that speaks to the power of faith and the importance of staying true to oneself. It features a slow reggae beat and lyrics that encourage listeners to find strength and comfort in their beliefs.

“Burn” passes a message against those who oppress and exploit others. It features a strong beat and powerful lyrics that speak to the need for people to come together and fight against injustice.

“Founding Fathers”: This song is a scathing critique of the founding fathers of the United States and their legacy of oppression and exploitation. The song features a slow, mournful melody and lyrics that speak to the need for change and the importance of remembering the past in order to create a better future.

In addition to his musical achievements, Talmigila has also been a strong advocate for social justice and human rights. He has used his platform as a musician to speak out against inequality and discrimination, and he has worked with various organizations to promote positive change in his community.

Talmigila’s commitment to his roots and his cultural heritage is evident in his music, as he pays tribute to the rich traditions of reggae music while also infusing it with his unique sound and style. His music is a reflection of his life experiences and the struggles he has faced, as well as his hope for a better future.

Today, Talmigila is considered one of the most talented and innovative reggae artists of his generation. He has toured extensively around the world, performing at festivals and concerts, and he has amassed a large following of loyal fans. His music continues to inspire and uplift listeners, and his message of unity, peace, and love is as relevant today as it was when he started his career.